[Raspberry Pi] Video Doorbell with Raspberry Pi zero (Ongoing)

My traditional doorbell recently stopped to work, makes me thinking about getting a fancy replacement.

There are a few “smart doorbell” on the market. The most famous one might be Ring Video Doorbell or the Pro version. The price on Amazon is ~$250, even with deal it’s still around $200. Besides the price, with Ring products, I need to use their app on my phone to get the call from doorbell, it’s not that easy to integrate with other smart devices, or add my own features. Say I would like to open the door after I talk with the person rings the doorbell, or I want to have a picture taken when it rings and display on my cellphone. So almost no consideration, I decided to build my own video doorbell.

Initial thoughts on what I want:

  1. Has an illuminated button, when pressed, change color or do some blinking to tell the visitor button pressed.
  2. Rings traditional bell. Rings my home phone with different tone.
  3. Use SIP protocol to talk with other devices.
  4. Take a picture when pressed, display it on the screen when phone rings.
  5. Send a notice to my Samsung smartwatch
  6. Video capture on motion.
  7. Can call my doorbell from regular phone.
  8. Silent time for different devices.
  9. Take outside temperature and humidity.


  1. Raspberry Pi Zero or Zero W Raspberry PI 2 or 3 (See this post).
  2. Camera with night vision IR LED.
  3. 15 Pin 1.0mm Pitch to 22 Pin 0.5mm Camera Cable.
  4. Step-down DC-DC regulator.
  5. mVox MV100 USB Speakerphone.
  6. DHT11 Temperature Humidity sensor.
  7. Usb Hub module(Optional for Zero W).
  8. Usb Wifi module(not necessary for Zero W)
  9. 3D printed housing.
  10. 12V 2A power supply.
  11. An illuminated push button.


  1. Harry

    Any new updates on this project. I have been trying to do the same thing. I have tried some projects i.e. Ahmad Khattab’s Internet doorbell, Vibell, PROTA PI but non of those are stable. Instructions are vague, projects are outdated (don’t support latest Raspberry Pi OS). Last week I made Ekiga worked on Raspberry Pi and Linphone (on Android) but again I wasn’t satisfied because Ekiga is GUI based and unstable and I’m looking for something CLI based SIP on Pi. I tried Twinkle but you cannot make Video Call with it. I tried to Compile Ekiga on Pi but failed miserably. UV4L looks promising but lacks Linphone support or instructions. So in conclusion Sending notification via Email, Twitter, Hangout or even text is not big issue I have completed those things but send video call when doorbell button pressed is the part I’m stuck at. If you have any updates on this please share.


    1. Phillip

      You’ll need a combination of things. I achieved this by using RPi Web Interface (https://elinux.org/RPi-Cam-Web-Interface) and Twinkle. I’m not happy with twinkle with the audio since you need to set it up via GUI. The problem with UV4L is that its not compatible with the i2S mic and amp I got from adafruit. I have everything else working.

      1. anikh

        Phillip = can you pleaese provide more details on how you got things set up

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